5th Grade Teacher

The classroom is a place where students are given opportunities to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. As a teacher, I aim to reach each student in these three areas, as it is an important part of their development. The experience of school is an enormous part of a child`s life. For this reason, the students in my classroom will have the opportunity to practice skills necessary for a bright future.

Using Jesus` principles as a guide, I desire to show each student how to make Him a real part of his or her life. Through daily songs, prayer, and Bible lessons, the students will learn who Jesus is and how He can help them in making good choices. I believe it is imperative that real life situations be used as teachable moments to connect Jesus to everyday scenarios.

The methods and strategies I believe to be most beneficial for the classroom are those in which students learn through sensory experiences. Children learn greater amounts and faster if they are given the chance to see, feel, hear, and even taste the components of their earth. It is my goal to use the outdoors and hands-on experiences to teach my students. Learning is a discovery and an adventure to be explored. Children need continual access to manipulatives, group activities, and critical-thinking discussions. Instead of sitting quietly at their desks, children will be encouraged to converse, explore, and inquire.

Lastly, I believe students should be taught basic life skills that will help them be successful now and into the future. My students will learn life skills such as teamwork, time management, honesty, organization, group interaction, and problem solving. I enjoy teaching these skills through STEM activities and class meetings.

To me, education goes beyond the surface of academics and grades. The perfect combination of developing the whole child includes academics, spirituality, and social skills. Through these areas, it is my goal to help each student reach their full potential.