3rd Grade Teacher Howdy, Partners! Welcome to 3rd Grade at Madison Campus Elementary. This is the place where we move from learning to read into reading to learn. We hone our reading skills with making inferences and predictions, finding evidence in text, summarizing, sequencing, and working on reading fluency, just to name a very few. It is the year that we master multiplication and division concepts and facts and continue to develop and extend number sense. We're constantly on the lookout for patterns and relationships. We also learn to read and write cursive. The writing process is ongoing as we learn to incorporate grammar, varieties of sentence structure, literary devices, details, and more in order to spice up our writing and become better authors.

Science study kicks off every year with a spelunking visit to a nearby Tennessee cave to get the hands-on scoop about limestone, cave zones, rocks, bats, and cave life. It would be remiss not to mention a favorite across-the-curriculum unit in the spring on the famous Oregon Trail with a culminating all-day reenactment complete with covered wagons (converted little red wagons), pioneer costumes, and lots of surprises along the way.

The difference in this class and in our school is that we intentionally invite our Savior to be our teacher and guide every single day. We learn about the reliability, constancy, and truth of God's Word and His second book - the book of nature and all it reveals about His character and love. We learn how to become friends with God and maintain a daily relationship with Him, how to grow closer to Him and abide in Him, how to love and serve others and how to successfully navigate life's journey here on earth with a constant eye toward our final goal of becoming citizens of heaven forever. We look for Jesus in everything we do, and we find Him in many unexpected and blessed ways. Jesus is the backdrop. He is our teacher.

Our goals are lofty. Our God is mighty. Our journey is sure.

Wagons, Ho!
Carolyn Angelo, Trail Boss