7th Grade Teacher

I would like to welcome you to the classroom page of the seventh grade. My name is Chris Wilhelm and I am currently in my fourth year of teaching at Madison Campus Elementary as the 7th grade homeroom teacher. I`ve taught for 15 years in South Carolina, Taiwan, and Tennessee. I have always had a passion for teaching stemming from an inspiration brought by my grandmother, who was also a teacher.

When you come into my classroom, you will notice that I have one goal for my class and it stays the same from year to year. The goal is that my class would be closer to God at the end of the year than they were at the beginning. There are multiple ways that we strive to accomplish this goal throughout the year. We engage in daily worship in the class, as well as having a weekly chapel service combined with grades 5-8. Bible class is part of our curriculum which allows us to dig deep into the Bible and the stories that we can learn so much from. We pray together multiple times a day and rejoice with each other when we see God working in each other`s lives. We have a Chaplain who comes in once a week to share their experiences and love for Jesus with the students. And we have an amazing pastoral staff at Madison Campus Church who stop by to share their insight of the Bible with the 7th graders. The combined efforts of the campus as a whole leads me to believe that my goal can and will be accomplished each and every year.