8th Grade Teacher Hi and Welcome to my classroom page. I wanted to transition the environment of the 8th grade classroom to one in which the students wanted to come to school. An environment that while at school students were wanting to learn, wanting to succeed and feeling a personal walk with our Heavenly Father. In order to create this environment it took many sleepless, prayerful nights and lots of online research.

Many people who visit the 8th grade classroom today say it looks like a cafe. Flexible seating is the lasted trend in education where students are allowed to pick the area of the classroom where they learn the best. Provided in the 8th grade classroom are multiple choices of seating. Students can choose to stand or sit at tall tables, sit in comfy, swivel office chairs at round tables, sit on benches, couches or even the floor. By implementing these choices I've already noticed students seem happier, want to come to class, want to participate and engage in lessons, use up excess energy by their choice of seating and seem more relaxed. Please come by a visit the 8th grade classroom to see what's happening!