Art Teacher

Every child is artist and in my classroom we explore many creative ways for students to express themselves. My name is Maribel Wood and I love seeing our students creative minds connect to projects they love. We learn about different artists around the world and work with different techniques such as using recycled material and perception. Every student is able to come to the art room to learn drawing, coloring and exploring the world of art. Our 8th graders are able to design their own brick on the classroom wall and leave a legacy behind.

With so many budding artist in my classroom, I couldn`t wait to show their talents to our families and community. We hold an annual art fair in the spring showcasing different theme`s and projects. This is also a live auction where students can have their pieces of work purchased.

Creativity is intelligence having fun and I know that we can find the budding artist in you and have tons of fun along the way!