Kindergarten Curriculum

Children are God`s gift! They are created in His image, unique with the ability to think, learn and choose.

A child`s Kindergarten experience provides the foundation on which formal education is built. Academics will be learned and experienced through hands-on exploration, using manipulatives and through life experiences. Learning will take place at centers, in small groups and in large groups. Each child is unique and will grow and develop at their own pace. Different levels of ability, development and learning styles will be recognized and activities will be designed to fit each current growth and development.

Each week students will be learning stories from the Bible. The stories are from the Old and New Testament. These stories will encourage your child to be like Jesus in their thoughts, actions and words. Each week we will be learning a memory verse together in class.

This year students will learn how to compare numbers, be introduced to adding and subtracting whole numbers and learning about time and money. Math will be taught with interactive games, manipulatives, direct instruction and workbook practice for problem solving and computation. We will be using the Singapore Math Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Books A & B.

Science and History
The themes we will study this year include the concepts of friendship, family, important people, community, neighbors around the world environment, and being good citizens. We will also learn about living things, being wonderfully made, weather and conservation. Hands- on Science experiments will be one of our highlights this year. Many of our field trips are based on the Themes we study.

This year the students will be submerged in a literature rich classroom. Together the students and I will write a morning message at the beginning of each day. The students will also write independently in their journals. Inventive spelling is expected at this level.

The phonics, spelling and beginning reading program we are using is by Fundations and Saxon Publishers. This program is designed to help children develop a solid foundation in phonics so they become successful readers and spellers. Each week your child will review and learn new phonics concepts in class.