Kindergarten Handbook

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Kindergarten! Kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity for your child to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and academically. New experiences and friends will make this year special for you and your child. I have planned many fun activities and am anxious to share them with you.

The Beginning
The beginning of a new school year is always a time of anticipation and excitement. Your child will begin to explore a new environment, make new friends and will take part in exciting learning experiences. The greatest gift you can give your child at this time is your loving support and understanding.

Classroom Expectations
Our classroom is a place where each student is expected to be responsible and respectful to others. It is my goal to have a safe and creative environment where a child experiences success, a positive self-concept and a love of learning. Each student is responsible for their actions and the choices they make. Our class room rules are Respect God, Respect Others, and Respect Yourself.

Weekly Homework
Homework packets will be sent home each Monday and are due the following Monday. Kindergarten homework is designed to be done with an adult. Parents should interact with their child while encouraging neatness and accuracy. Your child may need a pencil, scissors, crayons, and glue to complete assignments. You will find the weekly homework packet in the back pocket of your child`s BEE Binder.

Toys and Sharing
Due to the possibility of loss and damage, toys should not be brought to school. The only exception to that, is if the toy is brought in your child`s Show-n-tell bag on the day they are assigned for Show-n-tell.

Snack Time
We will have a short snack time each day. Your child may bring a low sugar snack from home. Please do not send carbonated beverages or soda for snack or lunchtime. Thank you.

Hot lunch is available for purchase. Lunch is to be purchased ahead of time on Renweb. Lunch is eaten inside the cafeteria Monday - Friday. I can warm food, but anything that needs to be warmed more than 30 seconds should stay at home or be prepared ahead of time. On half days we will still have lunch time at school.

Quiet Time
We will have quiet time for the first semester of this school year. Each day when we come in from lunch we will read a story or two and then have some quiet time to rest. Quiet time will last for 30 to 45 minutes each day. I will start to make the rest time shorter as the quarter goes on. Blankets will be sent home each Friday for cleaning and need to be returned to the classroom each Monday.

Communication is vital to your child`s school success. Your child has been given a BEE Binder to help keep you informed of what is going on at school. Your child will bring their Bee Binder home with them every day. Please initial the weekly behavior sheet each evening. This binder is a way you can rest assured your child is progressing and learning!

Student of the Week
Your child`s birthday is a special time for them to share with their friends. As Student of the Week, your child will get to sit on a special mat during circle time and be teachers` special helper.

I have tried to schedule your child to be Student of the Week as close to your child`s birthday as possible. We have several students this year who celebrate birthdays during the same week so your child`s week may be right before or just after their actual birthday.

A week before your child`s special week I will send home an It`s All About Me poster, for you and your child to fill out. Please send the poster back to school with your child to share with the class on the Friday we celebrate them.

We will celebrate your child`s birthday on Friday around 1:00 p.m. This is when your child will tell the class about themselves and share their It`s All About Me poster. If you would like to send in a small sweet treat for the students, we will enjoy the treats right before the students leave for the day.

If you send in treats, for the class, we do ask that they are individual treats like popsicles, donuts, cookies or cupcakes. (Please do not send in whole cakes that need to be cut and require plates, forks and napkins).

Classroom Volunteers
I enjoy having parents help in my classroom. Because I like to provide your child with a routine and consistent environment, I will ask for classroom volunteers at specific times. This year I am looking forward to having parents help on Friday`s for Art and Cooking or Hands on Science. One Friday, each month we will have a special morning of hands on activities that go along with what we have been learning about. I will need several parents to help on those days.

Book and Software Orders
Scholastic Book Blub brochures will be sent home several times during the year. The book club offers a relatively inexpensive method of building your home library. If you wish to order books, please send back the order form with a check made out to the book club by the time noted. You may also look up our class information and order online.

School Emergency Plan
The school has created a critical response plan for each classroom to follow in case of an emergency. We practice fire drills and tornado drills on a regular basis. We also practice lockdown procedures. In a situation where a critical response is necessary, I will do my best to keep you updated on the situation. Please do not attempt to enter the campus during an emergency situation. MCE will communicate with you and let you know as soon as it is safe and possible for you to come on campus to pick up your child.