Library Teacher


Welcome to the best room in the school! The Madison Campus Library`s mission is to inspire a love of reading, provide quality resources to students and staff, and equip students to seek Truth. Every class, PreK through 8th grade, comes to the library at least once a week for book check-outs, read-alouds, literacy lessons, and more! If you step into our library class, you will see kids engaged in learning and growing through reading, STEM activities like Legos or puzzles, or playing games together. During the summer, we host open library hours, as well as family book clubs.

Learning Liaison

As a Learning Liaison, Mrs. Fernandes helps to monitor students` academic performance through the Iowa Assessments and collaboration with classroom teachers. She offers resources to parents who are interested in having their student tested for learning disabilities. When students need accommodations or modifications in their learning experience, she works with the parents/caregivers and the teachers to create an iCARE plan (similar to an IEP from the public school system) so that each child has the assistance they need to reach their potential. Mrs. Fernandes is also in charge of coordinating our Title I program with our tutoring vendor, Catapult Learning, which helps students zoned for qualified schools in Davidson County receive extra services in reading and/or math. For students that do not qualify for Title I services, we offer free tutoring services from some of our Madison Academy students (as available).

Mrs. Fernandes also helps to coordinate some of the professional learning opportunities our teachers want to participate in through Metro Nashville Public School`s Title II program. Our teachers engage in professional development each year to continue to hone their skills in the classroom to serve our students better.