Technology Teacher

Technology has become a very important piece in a student`s life in and out of school. With the growing requirements expected from projects, research and communication, students must be ready and knowledgeable in all areas of technology.

Here, at Madison Campus Elementary, Kindergarten to 8th come to the computer lab once a week where they will concentrate on basic computer usage as in: mouse, keyboard, proper care, turning on and off, opening and closing programs, setting wallpaper, and screen saver. Some of the programs they will use are: ABCMouse, IXL, Raz-Kids, BrainPop, StarFall, and Story Line.

Grades 3rd to 5 will begin learning how to keyboard or type properly. It is a skill that will be used the student`s whole life. We use Typing Pal as our online typing software. The students will also start learning the basics of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Each year they will get deeper into each and learn more features.

Grades 6th to 8th will continue with Typing Pal. They are expected to reach a certain WPM and error count. Word and PowerPoint will also continue and get into the advanced features so they will be ready for High School and College.

We have STEM Classes the students may choose from in the Computer Lab, Chess, and 3d Printing, and computer programming. These will meet once a week during the school day.

Last but not least we do have fun in the computer lab. One of the student`s favorite is Education MineCraft. Microsoft has taken the MineCraft Program and turned it into a learning tool. From building a whole town with certain mathematical proportion and designing whole eco-systems.